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We are the premier Butcher in Providence, offering our customers an excellent shopping experience and knowledgeable customer service.

Check out our list of services below. Contact us to learn more.


Retail & Wholesale

  • Our family-owned shop offers a full line of meats from beef, pork, chicken, lamb, sausages, deli cuts, and more. We know that every customer's needs are different which is why everything is cut to order by our experienced butchers. You won't find any prepackaged tray meats here!

  • We have many meat package deals that keep your fridge and wallet full. Each is cut fresh to order and filled with our most popular items that are guaranteed to save you money. Call ahead and we'll have it ready when you arrive!

  • Need a special ingredient or a side dish for your meal? We have a wide selection of groceries including rice, beans, spices, hot sauces, bbqs, frozen seafood, imported cheeses, and more to make your favorite dish complete.

  • For our local businesses, we offer wholesale pricing with cut to order service. Save time and money by letting us do the cutting. Delivery is also available on sizable orders. Call to speak with a wholesale rep. 


Custom Butchery

  • The art of butchery has existed for centuries. Here at Central Meat Market that art is kept alive with the custom cuts and hard to find items we provide. We still bring in hanging meat to be cut down into roasts and steaks like our forefathers.

  • Looking for a roast? Let our experienced butchers cut and tie one for you. Whether your looking for a prime rib roast, standing rib roast, crown roast, or just a pot roast; we have it all and more. A big selection, cut to order, and always of the highest quality of meat.

  • Did you know we grind our own beef throughout the day so that its always fresh? We only use the best meats too because that's the way it should be.

  • Custom Cutting at your service. If you have a slaughtered animal that you need professionally cut and portioned then look no further. Our experienced butchers will process, portion, wrap, and package it for you. Smoking services also available. Call for details.

Farm to Table

  • One advantage of having a custom butcher shop is our ability to bring in whole animals to be carved into delicious pan-ready cuts. This means fresher meats while supporting the local farming community.

  • Want to stock your freezer on a budget or share with family/friends? We sell Local Beef by the whole, half, or quarter. Choose your quantity/budget and we will cut it down based on your needs. Various packing options are also available.

  • Local Beef is great... but lets not forget the others. Roasting Pig, Lamb, Goat, Sheep, and Rabbit: all local, all ordered in fresh, and all cut down to your needs. Call us for your next cookout.

The Smokehouse

  • For about 40 yrs, we have been running our smokehouse to create our many Portuguese specialty sausages, as well as customer smoked products. Our multiple room-sized smokehouses allow us to smoke large quantities with great control. That, along with our prized curing/smoking process has made us one of the most popular smokers in the RI-MA-CT area.

  • Bring us your own sausage or pork meat to be smoked; or purchase from our case to have smoked. The most common cuts are hams, shoulders, bellies (bacon), butts, and loins. If you've got it.. we'll probably smoke it. We cure, smoke, and cut for a reasonable charge. Further portioning/packing options are also available. Please call for details or to schedule your drop-off.


For the Hunters

  • Did you finally take down that prized buck but wish there was a easier way to process it? Look no further. Let us take care of the grunt work so you can reap the benefits of your hunt quicker. Get your deer processed at Central Meat Market.

  • Bring us your dressed/skinned deer and we will do the rest. Animals are tagged, hung in our dedicated walk-in cooler, and processed in a temperature controlled cutting room.

  • We butcher down to steaks, roasts, stew, straight grind, and mixed grind. We offer sausages, cubing of steak, pork or beef grind mixes, portioning, freezer wrapping, vacuum packaging, and more.

  • Give us a call/email to learn more about drop-off details, pricing, and availability.

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